Great Outfit Oy



“Innovative design and the use of finest, natural materials in
our products are the core of GOF’s operation. Genuine fur
makes our products exciting and unique.”

GOF is a Finnish family business manufacturing fashionable clothing and accessories as well as lifestyle interior design products. The company boasts more than 50 years of experience in the fur business and uses generous quantities of genuine fur, leather and other natural materials in its products.

Our knowledge of materials and network of contacts, built up over a long time period, combined with fresh design ideas translate into high-quality, beautiful and functional products.


The company’s roots go back to the early 1950s, when Eero Virta, a young man from Hollola, got himself a bicycle and started going around the houses around the countryside buying hides and skins of animals, horsehair and bristles.


In 1960, Eero and his father Väinö established a company called Turkis-Virta Oy. Father and son visited markets and primary producers buying fur and different raw materials, which were then sold on to export companies and Finnish manufacturers. This developed into strong trading skills and an in-depth knowledge of raw materials in the company. The manufacture and sales of fur products started in the early 1980s, with furs, hats and muffs as principal articles.


Over the years, the traditional retail and wholesale trade of furs
underwent several changes, and, at the turn of the millennium, it was time to take a step towards a new beginning. The GOF brand was registered in 2002, with women’s and men’s
sheepskin coats as the first products. In 2008, the product line was expanded to include interior design products. The first GOF living collection saw a successful launch: the sheepskin rug “Suklaapala” (Piece of Chocolate) won the international Red Dot design award.


Today, the third-generation family business GOF manufactures clothing and accessories, lifestyle interior design products, and custom-made and made-to-measure products, respecting traditional methods and with uncompromising expertise.